Our Services
  1. Septic Tank Pumping
    Septic Tank Pumping
    Septic Tanks should be pumped every 3-5 years.
  2. Tile Field Clean out
    Tile Field Clean out
    Older tile fields can benefit from being cleaned out if clogged. This can be an option instead of tile field replacement.
  3. Real Estate Septic Inspection
    Real Estate Septic Inspection
    Septic systems can be a significant hidden cost if not in good working order at the time of home sale. We are certified for Section 8 by the Ontario Building Code. Ensuring you a complete and through inspection of the septic system.
  4. System Assessment
    System Assessment
    If adding an addition or renovating system assessment can be done by BCIN credited inspector for municipal required paperwork.
  5. System Repairs
    System Repairs
    We can look after small repairs to your system to get your system running smooth again.
  6. Ecoflo Service Partner
    Ecoflo Service Partner
    We are your certified Ecoflo annual maintenance, peat moss replacement and services provider for Grey, Bruce and Simcoe Counties.
  7. Emergency Service
    Emergency Service
    We provide 24 hour emergency service for you and your septic system.
  8. Septic System Accessories
    Septic System Accessories
    We carry septic tank access risers, odour control products, root control products effluent filters, septic tank disguise products and more!
  9. Sewer Camera
    Sewer Camera
    We have a star of the art sewer camera that allows us to diagnose problems in your septic system with out having to dig up your lawn!
  10. Locating, and Digging
    Locating, and Digging
    Can't find your septic system? No problem we can find it for you! Don't want to dig it up? No problem we can dig it up for you!