Frequently asked questions

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  1. How do I find the lids to my septic tank?
    In most cases there are two lids to access your septic tank. Both of which are important to have open when pumping out your septic tank. There are many different types of septic tanks. However, commonly speaking septic tanks are rectangular in shape with one lid at each short end of the tank. Lids can vary in size and material based on the age and type of septic tank. If you are unsure of the location of the lids or the tank, Ardiel Septic Services has trained drivers to be able to find your septic tank and lids for you.
  2. There is a septic smell in my house?
    Because smells can not be seen they can be an elusive problem to solve. Start by checking out the plumbing inside. Sometimes a trap under a sink or in a shower or tub can dry out allowing gases to escape and cause a smell inside. Try running water down drains near where the smell is to re seal the traps in the drains. If the smell persists, give us a call for help.
  3. There is a septic smell outside my house?
    An outdoor septic smell can be harder to pin point. Ensure that all accesses to the septic system are sealed. This includes any lids into the system or clean out accesses. Venting stacks on top of the house can also be a culprit for septic smell. Charcoal vent stack covers can help eliminate odour from vent stacks.
  4. There is sewage coming up my shower drain?
    If this is occurring there is a problem with the flow of the waste water from your home. The disruption in flow can be caused by many different problems. If this happens stop using all water in the home and call for emergency help as soon as possible.
  5. There is a wet patch over my tile field?
    A wet patch on a tile field can be from un treated waste water or sewage breaking out on the tile filed surface instead of filtering down through the ground. This can occur when the flow of waste water is too much for the tile field or when the distribution of flow in the tile field is incorrect. this is a serious problem that should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent contamination of surface water sources.
  6. How do I know if my septic tank is "full"?
    When a septic tank is full a reference is being made to the degree of solid waste in the septic tank. If solid waste builds up in the septic tank it can start to over flow into the tile field causing clogging of the distribution pipes. Clogged distribution pipes cause problems with wastewater flow and filtration. As a rule of thumb septic tanks should be pumped out every 3-5 years depending on the size of the system and its use.
  7. What kind of soap should I use?
    Liquid soap for laundry and dishwasher is better for your pipes. Powdered soaps can leave build up just like plaque in veins and arteries causing clogging. Stay away from using harsh cleaners such as bleach and antibacterials. These can kill the helpful bacteria found in your septic system. The helpful bacteria in your system is what helps break down harmful pathogens in your waste water.
  8. Should I put an additive in my septic system?
    There are many tales out there of good "things" to put in your septic system. Most of the additives in these tales are not helpful to your system. However there are over the counter additives that can benefit your system. They can aid odour reduction and help in maintaining a healthy bacteria population in your septic system. Additives do not replace proper maintenance. Care should be taken to ensure the additive being used is beneficial and not a waste of your efforts.
  9. Is there a chemical treatment for roots in my tile field?
    Yes there is an alternative to cutting down the trees around your septic system. Chemical treatment of roots can help eliminate roots in your septic system without hurting the trees. If you are experiencing blockages due to roots in your system give us a call and we can help you access if chemical root treatment is right for you.
  10. Is there an alternative to completely replacing my tile field?
    Yes there is. In certain cases a tile field's distribution pipes can become clogged with solid waste or sludge. When this is the cause for requiring replacement a high pressure jetter and vacuum truck can be used to clean out the distribution pipes and rejuvenate the tile field.